RoboGolfPro: The robot golf instruction tool



We all want to hit the long ball like Dustin or have perfect swing tempo like Rory. Unfortunately, most of us just can’t do it. We can try going to our coaches at the local driving range or videotaping our swing. However, that’s just not going to cut it. All we need is to be able to actually experience that kind of the swing in our own bodies. That’s why they invented RoboGolfPro.

RoboGolfProis supposed to help you leave your ugly swing behind. They want to replace it with a more efficient and pretty swing. RoboGolfProit different from other swing plane training needs because it physically guide your body in the correct motion. “The idea is to build a perfect swing for your height, body weight and flexibility,” says Nate Weidner, Director of Instruction and General Manager at FairWeather Golf. “If someone has a major swing fault, we can over-exaggerate a swing motion to get them on plane a lot quicker. Even after a 10 or 15-minute demo, there have been times where we have added 40 yards to some high handicappers with a 7-iron.”

Currently, the only certified RoboGolfProcenters are in Europe and the UK. However, that doesn’t stop many PGA professionals from visiting these facilities. Apparently, Kevin Na, David toms, and Mike Weir have all tried it out.


RoboGolfPro isn’t perfect. However. It can be difficult to operate, but reports are that the learning curve. Also, the robot keeps you from falling back into old habits.

The main drawback is the cost. The cost is about $150,000. It definitely not cheap. But of course the manufacturer would love to have everyone give it a spin. This is not a training aid you will find on or