AGCP introduces Masters of Golf Club Technology


The Association of Golf Club Fitting Professionals recently announced the very first AGCP Masters of Golf Club Technology. This distinction goes to AGCP Members who meet specific criteria for education, experience, and their dedication to the craft of club-making.

The AGCP is an educational organization that strives to train the best clubfitters and club builders in the world. They continue to expand our methods of educating club makers around the world by adding additional classes. They strive to improve our Roundtable presentations and create Internet Classes on-line for long distance training. The AGCP is currently developing a studio in our headquarters to film and create DVDs for training and instruction for both clubfitter-clubmakers and for the public.

The AGCP member that is Level 10 Qualified and Certified meets the highest standards ass a clubfitter and clubmaker. They have achieved a very high degree of training and are considered at the top of their profession. To reach Level 10, one must have years of experience and be able to provide the full array of experience for any golfer, including the most highly skilled. The Level 10 member is the Gold Standard.

But, there are some members who truly go the extra mile. They are considered to be among the best in the world at fitting and building custom golf equipment. For those members, they have spent considerable time teaching others to do the very special things for their golfers. The ultimate achievement in the AGCP (or any club fitter or club maker) is the next level…The AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology or, the AGCP Master

Master of both

Some organizations teach how to build golf clubs. Some organizations teach how to swing golf clubs. The AGCP is the only organization that emphasizes both the equipment and the swing. The AGCP requires training in both areas to insure our members understand how the golf club works and how the golf swing works. They seek to understand how they work together.

This is the ultimate in fitting and equipment that are perfectly adapted to you and your golf swing. Every aspect of golf club is fitted to you. They fit only you based on your ability and you personal swing characteristics after extensive testing with state of the art equipment. Swing Analyzers, Launch Monitors, Video and slow motion cameras are all used to analyze your golf swing before deciding on the make up of your equipment.

AGCP Masters of Golf Club Technology are they are also those who give back to the profession the most. Masters are the AGCP members who often at their own personal expense travel. They sometimes go thousands of miles to offer one or more 2 hour presentations to AGCP members. The AGCP Masters are the members that are resources for other members when they have problems. The Masters are the teachers of future generations of custom club fitters and club builders. They strive to help build the AGCP and make it the best organization of it’s kind in the World.


To become a Master of Golf Club Technology the AGCP member must have achieved the following:

  • Professional* Club Technician, Club Fitter, Club Builder.- Full-Time (5 Years experience)- Part-Time (10 Years experience)
  • AGCP Level 10 at least 12 months prior to nomination.
  • Attended at least 2 Roundtable Education Conventions, with at least one Presentation
  • Nominated by 3 or more Current AGCP Masters.
  • Completed a series of special Certification Classes